Add release (No Pares de Bailar, Vol. 2): resolve tracklist errors

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Hi, I am in the process of adding album “No Pares de Bailar, Vol. 2” via a-tisket, of which I own the song “Arranca (Latin Version)”. Adding this album will be beneficial, because Picard currently matches the song to another recording of the song.

As you can see in the screenshot, MB indicates work to do in the tracklist. But I have already assigned tracks 4 and 8 to the correct artists (Naïma, Moncho). I don’t see what else is left to do. Could somebody please help to resolve this?

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You still have to assign the artists of the other tracks that are not highlighted green.


Thanks for the quick reply! I’m still getting used to everything :sweat_smile: :relieved: The release has been added.