Add new release to existing "release group"

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I have a Canadian release of a CD released in Germany in 1996. The German release is “standalone,” and I am unable to treat it as a release group to which I should add the Canadian release with its different label, catalogue number and barcode.

I am embarrassed to have to ask such an elementary question. I used Musicbrainz a lot in the 2000s decade while I was on an extended medical leave. I am now completely retired and would like to use Musicbrainz more, but have forgotten everything I ever knew. I am finding the documentation very clear on principle, but not helpful in an operational “how-to” sense.

I have just spent at least two hours with Google, and with experimenting in Musicbrainz to “add a new release,” but always end up back at the page below, with no apparent way to add a new “release event.”

By the way, my ancient MusicBrainz credentials worked to log into the site, but all records of my previous involvement have disappeared.


You can add your release by using the “Add Release” link in the sidebar of this page:

This is the release group, which you can get to by clicking the link that says “see all versions of this release” on the release page.

You can also add a new release using the Editing menu, but then you’d have to link the release group up manually. This way it will preload the release group info for you.


Hi brm.
I’ve run into the problems of having to MB skills/knowledge disappear if I have a break from editting.
The following diagram helps to keep the structure of the database clear.

Basic Entities

There is a large, far more complex diagram showing
core database tables and relationships between them
found at

Do please keep asking questions on the forum.
As that full schema diagram shows even the database relatioships are very extensive. And the Style side of things much much more complex.
I suggest that if you’ve worked on a problem for 5 minutes consider asking on the forum. And after 10 minutes then please do ask because your question on the forum can make it easier for future editors.


Welcome back. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what you mean with “disappeared”? shows me edits dating back to 2007… ?