Add Medium - how to spot the correct disc?

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I am on this page trying to pick a specific BluRay medium:

Notice I have two to pick from. It is impossible to tell them apart. (Would be worse if I was looking for the CD as there is four to choose from there)

On other pages one can hover a cursor over a link and it will tell you in the bottom left of the web browser which Release ID you are looking at. I would have expected to see from one of these.

Instead every link I hover over is just repeating the URL of the page I am editing.

Is that a bug or a feature? It would be really handy to see the URL of the actual medium when hovering a cursor here.

Also, on a tangent, not sure why the CDs are listed here as they don’t have 34 tracks


does seem like a bug to have the links not go anywhere, but if you click on the arrow at the side you can at least expand the tracklist

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Expanding the track list doesn’t help much when they are both identical track lists. :smiley:

In this case it doesn’t really matter as both Blu-rays have identical contents, but I have had other occasions where it would help if the hover links worked so you know you really are on exact copy you’re looking for.