"Add Cover Art" doesn't seem to work

Or perhaps I don’t understand the system. I have cover art for many releases listed in MusicBrainz that are currently missing that art. I click on the Cover Art tab and get “We do not currently have any cover art for Best of the West.” So I click on the “Add Cover Art” button and get
Add Cover Art
Position: (no other cover art)

But none of that is interactive. Below it is a box for editing text in the entry, but I don’t see any way to upload graphics. The FAQ section at https://musicbrainz.org/doc/How_to_Add_Cover_Art shows a system for identifying and uploading art, but I’m not seeing that.

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You don’t get a screen like this with a button “Select images…”?

What browser are you using? Could you upload a screenshot?

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No, I didn’t see those “Select images” and “or drop files here” buttons. BUT…right after writing my note, and even before I saw your “What browser are you using?” query, it occurred to me to try a different browser, Firefox, instead of my usual MS Internet Explorer 11 (on Win7). And sure enough, in Firefox I saw the proper dialogue for uploading images. I guess I should have thought of that before.

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MusicBrainz server did not handle a JavaScript issue specific to MS IE 11. It has been fixed a few hours ago. It fixed MBS-9628 and probably fixed the Cover Art tab too.