Add Country Benelux

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I have 2 questions…

  1. When you add an realease you have this list with country’s. Now I have this release and this “country” is not in the list. Would it be possible to add this “country”


I know that Benelux is not a country but then again so isn’t Europe :slight_smile:

  1. When you add an release you need to add “Language”
    Should I add the language of the title of the release OR the language the tracks.

My editors don’t seem to agree about this so it’s very confusing to me.
One votes yes to my edit the other one votes no… soo…

Thank you all and have a nice weekend.

  1. There’s an ticket to have it on MusicBrainz: AREQ-2021.
    Related discussion here.

  2. Here’s what the Style Guide says about release language.


Ty Lotheric, have a nice weekend