Add Beatboxing / Vocal Percussion as an Instrument?

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Beatboxing […] is a form of vocal percussion primarily involving the art of mimicking drum machines […], using one’s mouth, lips, tongue, and voice.

Beatboxing is arguably an edge case between vocal and instrument performance (as mentioned before), but I’d say it’s first and foremost an instrument performance. Like with body percussion at it’s core beatboxing and other forms of vocal percussion is an act of performing percussion with the human body. Most good beatboxers will optionally include vocals in their performance, but beatboxing with just vocals is not beatboxing - it’s just humming. So I’d say beatboxing should be an instrument.

My suggestion:
Percussion > Body Percussion > Vocal Percussion > Beatboxing.

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You should create an INST ticket asking for this. (Unless there’s something about the request that you want discussed first, but I don’t really read that from your post.)


I figured that since it doesn’t exist yet there must be people who think beatboxing is better credited as vocals and thought it may be better to find a consensus first.

Well, it was included in the (historical) Advanced Vocal Tree Proposal. That proposal (which predates by years instruments-as-entities) was largely rejected though because of its vastness, making it hard to discuss as a whole and with lots of special cases (like beatboxing!). It has been suggested multiple times to suggest individual wanted/need parts of it on their own… Which you now want to do with beatboxing. :slight_smile:


While I don’t generally have a problem with adding “Beatboxing” as an instrument, I fear it will simply be put in limbo as dependant of
That being said, please *do* add the ticket. Every little thing that adds to the incentive to let STYLE-609 become reality is a boon to us, (or what say you, @reosarevok?)

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Done. INST-658. :slight_smile:

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