Add a Digital Release in Traditional Chinese from Spotify and / or iTunes

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Hello everyone,

I’d like to add several Digital Releases of a Taiwanese artist to the database. With this I have some difficulties regarding the artist credits, release events (release countries) and label name. I have collected the album metadata using the Spotify API and the iTunes API

The artist I am talking about is Ann Bai (白安) :

And one album is for example:

According to the Spotify Metadata (JSON), the above album has a UPC of: 4713052735160
And it is available on Spotify in these countries:

“available_markets” : [ “AD”, “AE”, “AR”, “AT”, “AU”, “BE”, “BG”, “BH”, “BO”, “BR”, “CA”, “CH”, “CL”, “CO”, “CR”, “CY”, “CZ”, “DE”, “DK”, “DO”, “DZ”, “EC”, “EE”, “EG”, “ES”, “FI”, “FR”, “GB”, “GR”, “GT”, “HK”, “HN”, “HU”, “ID”, “IE”, “IL”, “IN”, “IS”, “IT”, “JO”, “JP”, “KW”, “LB”, “LI”, “LT”, “LU”, “LV”, “MA”, “MC”, “MT”, “MX”, “MY”, “NI”, “NL”, “NO”, “NZ”, “OM”, “PA”, “PE”, “PH”, “PL”, “PS”, “PT”, “PY”, “QA”, “RO”, “SA”, “SE”, “SG”, “SK”, “SV”, “TH”, “TN”, “TR”, “TW”, “US”, “UY”, “VN”, “ZA” ],

If I use the Spotify API to search for this album and the album tracks, the artist name is always given as:

“name” : “Ann Bai”,
“type” : “artist”

No matter which release country. I tried DE,US,FR,RU and also TW (Taiwan).

If I use the Spotify desktop app in German, which is my native language, the artist is credited as “Ann Bai”, if I use the app in Simplified Chinese the artist is Credited as “白安” (Bái ān) and on the Spotify album cover the names “Ann” and “白安” are given.

So my question is, which artist credits should I use when I add the Spotify digital release for Germany and / or Taiwan: “Ann Bai”, “Ann” or “白安”? This question also relates to the other albums of this artist.

In addition:
Is it justified to set the release country to “worldwide” considering the countries given above, or should I only add a release event for Germany and / or Taiwan, or all countries given above and leave the rest to other editors?

Furthermore, the label on Spotify and iTunes is “Bin Music International Limited” but the label entry in the MB-database: says that “B’in Music International Co., Ltd.” is a holding company and not to be used as label.
So which alias is the right one to use: “B’in Music”, “Bin Music” or the Chinese one “相信音乐”

One last question:
If I search the iTunes API using the UPC given above, I also get a matching release on the iTunes Store and Apple Music for different countries:

According to the metadata from the iTunes API (JSON) the artist is credited simply as “Ann” in North America (US, CA) and as “白安” (Bái ān) in every other country I tried (including DE, FR, CH, RU and TW). On the iTunes / Apple Music album cover the names “Ann” and “白安” are given.

Given that the iTunes and Spotify releases seem to have the same UPC and the same track length, is it save to treat them as one release or is it better to treat them as separate releases, because of the different artist credits? Or are only the credits on the album cover of relevance. I have not purchased the iTunes releases nor have I any physical releases (CDs) to verify the credits.

I’d still like to add these releases. As these are the first releases I will be adding, I want to minimize editing work afterwards. After reading the documentation I am still not sure what the best course of action is.

It would be nice if someone could clarify this for me. Sorry for the long post, I hope this topic is appropriate.

A Happy New Year to everyone.


IMO, as she is Taiwanese, set the main (official) release in Hant script, titles and artist credit.
Attach all countries that would rather match (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and maybe Japan if Japan has no own tracklist on maybe katakana, I don’t know this singer and didn’t research nor followed your links, sorry).

Then set a pseudo release for Hans script, titles and artist credit, attached to mainland China release event (if you have the tracklist in simplified Chinese somewhere).

Then set a pseudo release with Latin script, titles and artist credit, for the rest of the world (as it appears you have a Latin tracklist somewhere ready).

But if your titles are only in Hant (traditional Chinese script) everywhere, I would not create transcription pseudo releases just for the artist credit.

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I think I will attach the countries you mentioned and / or all countries that use Hant script to the official release as you said. I don’t know if there is a tracklist in katakana, but I try searching for it. As it seems Spotify and iTunes use Hant scipt for the track titles for every country, even EU and North America, only the artist credits differ. The album title of the mentioned album is always in latin script.

One exception is China, where iTunes / Apple Music uses Hans script for the titles, but I don’t know if that is only an Apple thing, because on Spotify the albums are not available in China. The artist credits are the same in Hant and Hans scipt.

On Amazon, Discogs, Youtube and some other sites across the internet I found latin track titles for two older albums. But these are CD releases.

Amazon US – Catcher in the Rye by Ann Bai
Rate your Music – 麥田捕手 (The Catcher in the Rye)

So I’m not entirely sure how to credit them for Europe and the US. Maybe I should just add the Hant scipt versions first and do some more research.

Thanks for you help.

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If I were you, I would not loose too much time like this.
I would just add one release in Hant with the country or countries I am interested in and I have verified and then if some other people want to make the European or USA releases, because they have them, they will see and add releases with what they have.

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I have now added the album only for Taiwan, Honkong and Macao, this should be enough for a starting point. I hope that’s ok.

Now I need to add cover art.