AcoustIDs of merged recordings are not listed in the Fingerprits tab

I don’t know if this is a bug or if this behaviour is desired/accepted:

After a merge, I wanted to restore disabled AcoustID links if necessary. …it is necessary (probably contradicting information), but then I saw that AcoustIDs from the merged recording do not appear at all.

A recording, which was 10 seconds shorter, was merged into the full length version of Expresso Love. All acoustIDs of the shorter version were verified¹ and would have been valid for the merged recording too. On, these IDs are still linked to the now vanished recording and redirected to new MBID. But these acoustIDs do not appear in the Fingerprints tab of the new recording². They are gone.

This implies: Possibly false acoustIDs of merged recordings are still redirected to the new MBID, and it is not possible to disable them or even find them on MB.

¹) shorter recording before being merged
(Track "75cd4523-722a-401a-b0fe-e5c8e1621f7b" | AcoustID, Track "af3adf15-0f1c-4fc6-a857-58de90e84608" | AcoustID and Track "c15fc414-4b42-4e47-920f-5c5c3c3b58dd" | AcoustID are no longer accessible from MB.)

²) new MBID (formerly full length version)
(Track "f3e96d7e-99fd-4909-956d-49810e3f1c41" | AcoustID was re-enabled after merge)


There is currently a large time lag between changes on MB and changes on the AcoustID server. Also notice how many items on AcoustID list a Recording MBID instead of a name.

These usually catch up after a time period… but that time period can be weeks or months. All a bit vague…


You think, they will appear later?
I was worried that these AcoustIDs would remain forever associated with the originally submitting MBID and that they never will be linked to the new one.


Fairly sure I have seen stuff like this before. The AcoustID servers all seem to be in their own twilight dark magics world running on a different time line. Updates are clearly on some kinda batch process.