AcoustID submissions stay "pending"

I’ve seen since yesterday or so that submitting fingerprints using the API seem to be forever “pending”. It seems picard isn’t more successful.
Is this a general problem or is it on my end?

Works fine. I just submitted via Picard a new fingerprint to an existing acoustID. Seems to be a local problem.

Thank you. Not sure what to do, the submit requests work fine, the JSON in return just say “pending” forever.

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Is there no error message from Picard?
I’ve never used the JSON API so I can’t say much about the configuration. I hope someone else can help.

No, I can generate fingerprints with Picard then submit them, but the Submit button stays greyed out and no ID is returned. Log says the server returned

{‘status’: ‘ok’, ‘submissions’: [{‘id’: XXXX, ‘index’: ‘0’, ‘status’: ‘pending’}]}

Which is also what I’m getting with the API.

Everything is still stuck “pending”. I’ve had no luck trying IRC, github issues or sending an email.

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