AcoustId questionning

Hi everyone!

Regarding AcoustId, is it possible that a song released once with one voice, and aonce with 2 voice (original voice + a guest), using the same music tracks have so similar Acoustids that they are merged ?

I have a very specific example with this recording :

There is just one fingerprint, this is the recording for the duet.

If I go look into the AcoustId, I can see it’s used for both “The Good Die Young (Tarja version)” (duet) and for the “one voice only” recording named “The Good Die Young”.

But regarding tags, I defenitely can’t understand what’s happening on this particular AcoustId. I would expect to see something like 10 versions of “The Good Die Young”, not 200…

I know this is not very important, but that’s really bugging me, as atm there’s no way to automatically determine the version. So if someone have an explaination, I’d be pleased.



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I guess the difference is too unclear. Probably sound of voice isn’t a good distinctiv feature?

There are a few places where AcoustID has trouble. False matches: Karaoke versions; instrumental versions; radio edits …

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Thanks, very clear!

Hopefully in the future, someone will find something better than AcoustID for Karaoke, Instrumentals and songs like in the example. Nothing can be perfect :wink: