AcoustID Data dumps missing

I was hoping to get a recent musicbrainz-acoustid mapping but the is completely empty, I know there have been some changes with the acoustid environment so I hope this is just a temporary issue, but an update of the situation would be helpful @lukz

It’s a long term issue, I was unable to generate the data dumps due to their size. Since many people were asking about it, I’ve generated temporary dumps manually.


Thank you that is a great help, for my own needs if these files were only updated every 3 months that would be good enough for me.

Previously I had only used the track-mbid mapping, but I took a look at the other files and was surprised to see that meta.full.2019-11-30.csv actually contains the following columns:


but AFAIK the api only return artist/album/title for acoustids not linked to a mb recording, it doesnt return album_artist, track_no, discno, year

So any chance of returning these in the api, I requested Album Artist and Track No at Provide more User Submitted Data with AcoustId