AcoustID broken after merge

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I have merged several recordings, one of them had AcoustID before merge. After the merge the AcoustID page still points to the MusicBrainz page of the merged recording: (the second link which is displayed just as a MusicBrainz ID). At the same time, the merged MusicBrainz recording does not contain any AcoustID fingerprint anymore:

Have I done the merge in a wrong way, or is this an error?

Edit: Is there a way to restore a broken link from MusicBrainz merged recording to AcoustID?

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Replication is likely broken as pointed out by Freso.

Are you aware of this yet @lukz?

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Looks like @lukz hasn’t posted here since December 2019. I hope everything’s all right.

In the meantime I checked the tracks I mentioned in my earlier post, and now they have correct links between AcoustID and MusicBrainz. So perhaps synchronization is not completely broken?

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