About per-track credits and general album credits

So, for different albums that assign performers to different tracks only, I’ve been adding in their credits accordingly, and these are some of the ones I’ve done so far:

However, for the majority of releases out there that don’t divide their credits between each track, sometimes on the site I see said instrument/performer credits applied to the release itself, and other times I see them applied to every recording/track on the release regardless of who actually performed on what track.

It seems like an inconsistency, because shouldn’t per-track credits be for who specifically does something on a certain track? Otherwise which is the proper system on the site?


if you know which credits go where (i.e. only one track has a xylophone or you recognize the vocalist), then they can go on the recording level. if you can’t tell which credits apply to which track, they should probably go on the release level

there are some exceptions, like mastering engineers and executive producers typically go on the release level


That’s what I would do, but then I see album pages like the following:
Release “TVアニメ アラタカンガタリ ~革神語~ オリジナルサウンドトラック” by 大谷幸 - MusicBrainz
Release “Pumpkin Scissors OST WONderful tracks I” by 大谷幸 - MusicBrainz
Release “VIOLET EVERGARDEN: Automemories” by Evan Call - MusicBrainz

And then I wonder what set of rules specifies that sort of adding, which really just looks redundant to me.


These examples have no redundant information. If it is possible to provide the information for each track, it should be added to the recording. If the same credits apply to each track, each track will have the same list, but then this will be correct for each track.

If they are added to all tracks without reference, they should be undone… :confused:

You should not apply release-level credits to the recordings unless it is abundantly clear that they apply. For example, https://musicbrainz.org/release/cebfc416-d375-47b1-8af5-e720d0cead91 provides “scat” and “whistling” credits at the release level, but if you actually listen to the release, very few recordings contain either, and only the obvious scat and whistling track(s) currently have that relationship.

While scat vocals are very distinctive, simply hearing the instrument in the track isn’t necessarily enough if you cannot confirm that the instrument wasn’t programmed rather than performed, recorded, and mixed.

See also [request] Userscript to move recording-level relationships to the release-level in the Release Edit Relationships page


I understand this, I only add relationships to tracks when they’re different and indicated as such with numbering, like the links I posted in this thread the first time.
And also the following:

I mainly wanted to understand if it was ok to undo all the ones that have release credits applied to every track without reference, and how to do so.


Yes - hence [request] Userscript to move recording-level relationships to the release-level in the Release Edit Relationships page