Abe Laboriel written incorrectly in the database

This artist has his name written incorrectly:

It is Abraham Laboriel
It is not Abraham LaBoriel

Could somebody experienced maybe correct this?
Looking at his track record and heritage, he deserves that MusicBrainz writes his name correctly? :wink:

Yes. You can. You now have enough experience. :wink:

The main thing is you have got legitimate references from elsewhere to show the correct spelling. So, in the same way you edit a release, you can edit the spelling of the artist name and correct it.

Don’t tick any of the boxes about “make this correction everywhere” as I expect the odd mixed case came from some compilation album cover somewhere.

Edits to artists tend to go into the 7-day queues allowing more checking. Especially if you are correcting a name.

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Thanks for the trust IvanDobsky!

My initial impulse would be to have it ‘corrected everywhere’.
If I do as you suggest, will it correct the name for all ‘legitimate’ releases, but only leave some compilation releases that caused this untouched?
That would be o.k. I guess?

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The more I look atound that artist, the clearer it gets. ALL those references to LaBoriel are wrong. The error seems to have started by an import from freedb.com

Every image of a cover, every link back to the images at Dicogs shows no big B.

“Correct it everywhere” does sound like the correct option here. But good idea to check what you can first. So far, in this example, they ALL need cleaning up.

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The trust comes from patience and care. You know you want to see this all correct, and want to share knowledge. As long as you leave links as to why you are making changes then corrections are always welcome.

You are correcting data from 2004. There are many artists like this in MB who need a little TLC from someone who pays attention to the details.

I tried to find other places where LaBoriel has been used. Even Discogs only have a couple of examples and they are on Saturday Night Fever sounds track and an old Dolly Parton album…

So yeah, I think you are safe to make this correction database wide.

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Done that.
Let’s check in a week’s time, and hope Abe sr. is watching and approves :wink:


You did miss something. You need to leave an Edit Note when making a change like this.

Point at the Wikipedia article as a start. Add a link to this discussion too. Let people know why you think something needs to change.

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This is why I do work like this here at MB. These artists have given me so much pleasure through their music. So I want to return some of that love by helping document their music properly.


I’m pretty sure I pasted two links into that field, one to this thread, and another to Abe’s wikipedia page?
I may have f*ed up though?
Well, let’s hope I get away with it this time :wink:

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Only way to learn anything - in this case you can now go back to the Edit History and “Add Note” to the main edit. I added a note referencing this thread.

Edit notes are one of the most important part of any change. It allows someone looking at the data in ten years time to understand why you made that change.

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Agreed 100%
On a personal note, my contributions (and comments) will be mostly about artists and their instruments.
Barcodes, country borders, record companies, etc. interest me a bit less.


It would not be much use if every editor all edited the same things. :smiley: There are many people you’ll meet who edit very narrow but vital areas.

Many editor concentrate on their CDs and just add enough to get their file tags sorted.

I enjoy the extra research involved with looking up more details and history on an artist to add more to the artist pages. I have learnt so much about my favourite musicians this way. Tracking down obscure references.

Left brainers and right brainers, gather around!
(but keep at least 1.5 meters distance)


Hence “MusicBrainz” - if we gather enough people in one place we should be able to add up enough brain cellz to get a to a full music Brain between us.

The power of community - add everyone’s little obsession together for a brilliant whole.

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So it took 16 years for somebody on MusicBrainz to take note and apply this TLC on Abe sr.?

btw, it looks like I’m not the only one who appreciated what you wrote:

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I’m not sure how to get a count of how many artists there are in MB, but there are quite a few. :laughing: It takes little bit of time to get to all of them.

I’ve done work on some obscure punk artists who were barely just a name when I first found them in the database. It gets addictive drawing all the resources together and learning more about the backgrounds of the music in my collection. Something nice thinking you are helping preserve these details in to another generation.

And funny to see a request to add TLC to the TLA’s.

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