Abbreviations in community posts

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@IvanDobsky What is EAC in this context?

Help with an edit about apostrophes

It’s Exact Audio Copy, a high-accuracy CD ripper for Windows, which can be configure to use MusicBrainz data.


@ardain sorry for TLA confusion. EAC is a ripping program found here

Darn fine tool that for ripping CDs to WAV, FLAC (or MP3 if you must). Has an addon that will hook into the MB database to name the files and tag them.

I have tweaked the original post to more verbosely explain EAC.

But… a different question now we are in the TLA thread.

Is EAC a TLA or a product name? Though this thread is already full of other product names (MB being an example) So I guess EAC drops into that list tooooo.

Edit: Oooo - look. There is a bug in the TLA handler. It does not know that brackets are not part of the TLA. Look at the (MB in the previous paragraph… no dotted lines. So (MB) fails. And so does (MB ). But ( MB ) works.

Edit 2: Hang on… I was using a Two Letter Acronym. Which is a TLA. But the TLA hover message says Three Letter Acronym. (Yes, I am just causing trouble now :rofl: )


It’s both, or more accurately it is a TLA for a product name (Exact Audio Copy) :wink: Product name and TLA don’t exclude each other, there are plenty of product names being acronyms.


Feel free to fix it:


(Actually, one of the open PRs might already deal with this. I’ll try and get around to reviewing them soon.)


…and runs also fine with wine on linux


I would love to, but just don’t have the time or skill set to do it. I don’t have a dev environment setup or any spare time to try and understand how this all works. (Seriously - I’d be hacking at that javascript(?) and just guessing)

I was trying to be helpful by pointing out the issue. :wink:

There is also an oddity when a TLA starts a sentence. MB will have extra “B” added to it in this example.

Eh? why has dev in my first sentence gained an extra v? Ahhh… I see… Put TWO spaces in front of a TLA and it breaks.

Soooo… I have done some of the testing, and narrowed down exactly how to reproduce.

"Two spaces in front of a TLA will mean it shows an extra letter".

"Punctuation directly before a TLA will fail to treat it as a TLA and not substitute." So (TLA) fails. I guess .TLA also fails. That makes some sense as I guess there is no filter ignoring the punctuation.

Again, apologise for not knowing the language, but trying to read the “PRs” it looks like the edit @Jesus2099 did worked on this issue. Does that imply the plugin here pre-dates that fix?


Erh, I hope it is not because of my PR! :scream:


Haha - so it is your fault. Get 'im… (Where is the “chasing with pitchforks” emoticon?)

How do we tell if your fix is in use or not? Hopefully my little examples there are quick to test with. Happy to come up with other tests as I am good at spotting holes in things.


And there is another different issue in Freso’s paragraph there. A PR is a pull request. But PRS is the Performing Rights Society ( ) - not the plural of PR.

If you want the plural of PR then only the PR should be underlined and not the “s”. Only underline the abbreviation that is being explained.

The Performing Rights Society may be just a UK thing, but it is very relevant to MB.

And no - I have no idea how you would tell the PRS apart from lots of PRs.:grinning:

( Quick - someone split off these “there is a bug an issue with the TLA interpreter” posts as this is kinda going OT from the OP. )

( LOL @ OT ) :rofl:

@jesus2099 just so you know that I am laughing and not complaining. Excellent plugin tweak, just don’t let me near things as I find holes…


The PRs have not been merged yet. I am waiting for further feedback—so they are not the cause of the issues @IvanDobsky is displaying, but may in fact fix them (once they’ve been merged and updated locally here).

@IvanDobsky Abbreviations/acronyms can have multiple definitions; e.g. the CA one.


Good Stuff. So that means @Jesus2099 didn’t break it. We can put the flaming pitchforks away. :grinning:

(If there is a way I can help test then I can come up with other edge cases to break TLA handling in surprising ways…)


The only way I found was with


Also, looking at CA it shows the word “or” twice :slight_smile:


Two "or"s is correct, there.


Oh I misread it, never mind then.


CC = Creative Commons


ISRC = International Standard Recording Code


in that vein maybe

uhm… but I actually don’t know what they stand for? :​/

maybe also

also, relevant recently:
AE - AutoEditor


IPI = Interested Party Information: a “globally unique identification of a natural person or legal entity with an interest in an artistic work across all categories of works, different roles in relation to a work (composer, arranger, publisher, etc.) and the corresponding rights in a work.”

ISNI = International Standard Name Identifier (ISO 27729) (“It is part of a family of international standard identifiers that includes identifiers of works, recordings, products and right holders in all repertoires, e.g. [pandora]DOI, ISAN, ISBN, ISRC, ISSN, ISTC, and ISWC.”)