Abbreviations in community posts

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I’ve added all the ones mentioned, apart from this one. I couldn’t remember ever having seen it before, and, indeed, it seems like you’re the only one using it. :slight_smile: If it becomes more widespread, maybe I’ll include it then.


I assume you want to avoid ones like wtf and ffs, right? :wink:


Why the fuck would you want to avoid those? :wink:


Be careful when you make up new TLAs like this. Here in the UK an “OHP” is an “overhead projector” as any school kid from the 1970s\80s would tell you. :smiley:

Personally I have never heard of “official homepage” used in that way.


TLA: Funnyt that there is a speciality about three letters acronym rather than two or four

I have seen OHP several times before using it myself because it was so convenient for MB edit notes.
It is not something I made up myself. :sweat_smile:

There I found it OHP!

official homepage, for 公式サイト


I do have to say that TLA is my favourite acronym. It is exactly what it is - a TLA is a TLA.

But, of course, as you point out this is only for three letter acronyms. Obviously the others you bring up would be a TLA or a FLA. Clearly TLA(2) and TLA(3) could get confusing… Especially as both four and five letter versions would also be an FLA. :joy:

I like how your OHP link still points to the ancient projector… Have you looked at the English Whakipedia pages? They don’t list Official Home Page.

I think it is time for some sneaky edits to add it to that English page. Well, you can clearly reference your usage of it in this forum… hahaha… we’ll bring a new TLA into the West :smiley:


I would dislike strongly any kind of Bowdlerisation on a MB forum :​(

Seriously, WTF? wtf is “what the fuck” and ffs is “for fucks sake”
If I *wanted﹡ to say something else I’d say something else, for funk’s sake!! :​D

(also it bothers me that the “the” is capitalised in the hover message :DDD )


Maybe when you use them, that’s what you mean. Some people find the word “fuck” offensive, so I’m not going to insert that word by default, even if I’m not one of them (see also: «Be mindful and respectful of different languages, habits and cultures.»). If you’ve never encountered either of those acronyms before, the “bowdlerised” version being used here is enough to get their meaning across. If you insist on being vulgar and potentially disrespectful, you are free to spell it out yourself (or apply <abbr> yourself—the script doesn’t override existing ABBR elements).


I tried once to install Discourse on my computers to test some code I wanted to submit but I was completely unable to install tools because of my versions of Windows, etc.
If I submit a PR, after having tested the regular expression itself against some examples, could you test in Discourse?


ok ftr, the bit about “inserting that word by default” is ok and valid (imho why you’d even use wtf or ffs if you don’t actually mean that word is beyond me, but ¯\(ツ)/¯ )
ditto “being mindful of other people” thing. I’d like to think that I am and I do no use swears very often.
However when you say “If you insist on being vulgar and potentially disrespectful,” just because I will say “fuck” if I Mean “fuck” (and again, I will not use it often!) does not mean I am trying to be vulgar or disrespectful to other cultures! Please don’t suggest this of me? :crying_cat_face:
Anyway I suggest using “Funk” instead of “frick” or “frak” (not words I like tbh.) as it’s Music Related (♫♪♬) and not words I would mind having my own message turned into.

ok so abbr is like
wtf ?

to keep this post on topic, some more acronyms:
ML -> Mailing list
SQL -> Structured Query Language
idk -> I don’t know
ftw -> for the win
FML -> (Funk?) My Life
irl -> In Real Life
MBSSSSS -> MusicBrainz simple Solr search server schema



Or better (?), because frick frack I really don’t know the meaning and also replacing with Funk does not explain the meaning either: WTF → What’s this nonsense and FFS → I beg you, please.


This plugin is such a blessing for me.
I can really not learn things like e.g. and i.e., even after years on internet, and now thanks to this plugin there is that tooltip!

Actually, @Freso, i.e. is missing… or is it e.i.?


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Seems to mean « pardon me from jumping in. »

Character variants - Sign “☮” the Times

I am so used to it I still use NAT when talking about this :slight_smile: Also because Picard still calls it “non-album tracks”, which I think is a bit easier to understand. But maybe Picard should catch up here for consistency :slight_smile:


Another abbreviation I see in this forum:

CA -> Cover Art


Some more:

MCN : Media Catalog Number
UPC : Universal Product Code


EAN = EAN code = JAN = JAN code
European Article Number = Japanese Article Number = the usual bar code


It would be nice to add barcode to the description, the words making up the acronym aren’t that interesting after all. :slight_smile:


SPA = special purpose artist