A State of Trance cleanup - help wanted

I started putting in A State of Trance episodes over 12 years ago. But it’s been probably 10 years without any love and the unofficial style guideline I wrote needed has been overhauled to extend it on the official style guidelines.

If anyone is interested in this series, or just Trance music in general, or even just wants a bunch of edits, I’m open to discussion and any help. I’ll be posting updates here, but at the moment I’m working on getting all the existing episodes linked to the A State of Trance series.

Here’s the plan - not strictly in order (if anything here sound interesting to you, let me know!)

  1. [DONE] Merge the yearly live event release groups (ie 500, 550, 600). I had added every part (like one DJ in a set) as a separate release. Mainly because there was no guidelines not to do this at the time. There are hundreds of these to be merged.
  2. [DONE] Link all of the existing release groups to the series and fix up the Broadcast + DJ-mix. Several hundred of these.
  3. [DONE] Adding all the new episodes. Yes, we only have around 600 episodes, but we’re up to around 1130 episodes now!
  4. [DONE] Fix the release and group titles. Removing erroneous “continuous mix” and cleaning up the title format. There are also probably hundreds of these.
  5. [DONE] Merge the individual part releases (left over from step 1) and the split releases.
  6. Fix all non-bootlegs (Spotify releases, release dates, artwork, etc)
  7. Fix all languages and packaging information.
  8. Fix artist credits for guest mixes and other non-special episodes, including renaming recording parts.
  9. [DONE] Fix all the venues. That is, make sure all live episodes have the linked venues. I bet most of these venues don’t exist and will be difficult to track down info on.
  10. [DONE] Remove all the split releases. These were created by me from early cue sheets, but they are entirely synthetic and shouldn’t exist as releases.
  11. Fix up ASOT 400 “72 Hours Radio”: Release group “2009-04-16: A State of Trance #400, "72 Hours Radio"” by Armin van Buuren - MusicBrainz


I just added the latest ASOT, 1137, I would appreciate your feedback

I added this via the atisket tool, using data from Deezer. I noticed there are subtle differences between the deezer and spotify tracklist. For example, track 24 has a different length on both platforms.

Let me know what you think.


Awesome job! That’s perfect.

I too had noted there are different versions available on streaming platforms. I have no idea why this is, or why they would even want to do this.

Feel like adding all the remaining episodes (mostly from #1102 - #1136)? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback!

I might add the missing ones, but will probably limit it to one per day :slightly_smiling_face:

Sometimes tracks get swapped around between album and single versions. Maybe try comparing the IFPI numbers? But they also get swapped around on those same platforms. Just a cataloguing error due to the guy doing the work not realising there is a difference between single and album track.

I could point you to many rare examples where compilations have had tracks swapped over the years. Especially older back catalogue music.

Even on a brand new album the error happens. Kasabian’s 2022 album was released on all Digital platforms with a Single version swapped for one of the album tracks. At least in that case it was clearly flagged due to the ISRCs changing between CD and Digital versions.

Errors are rare, but do occur. Where it is more confusing is when they swap the AUDIO of track 7 and 8 but keep the original titles. Again can be spotted via track lengths, and confirmed by ear.

I wanted to add the latest episode, but the spotify version consists of 4 cd’s? I’m not sure how to enter this

What do you guys think?

Four separate mediums in the same release, but still set them as Digital Media.


I’m still working on this. I just finished connecting all the locations and venues.


I just created edits to remove hundreds of synthetic releases created from cue files. It felt strange at first to undo what was probably hundreds of hours of work from many years ago… but overall good :smile: