A request to add a CD to the MB database

Submit Acoustic?

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In this example I think it is a YES. It will be the first AcoustIDs for these Recordings. As long as your lengths look the same. I expect these all came from that same CD. So it is a Yes. Submit AcoustID as you can trust your data.

I trust, so I click and save.

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Woo!! :partying_face: You have just helped out someone else with this album. Next person who does a SCAN in Picard will use your data to find this album.

It may take an hour or so for the data to appear online, but it will be there eventually. :slight_smile:

There has been some turmoil in recent days, but it’s okay. :wink:


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The AcoustIDs are now visible on the Release.

The Turmoil means you learn more. :slight_smile: If everything was easy, you would learn nothing.

Glad to help out.

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Thanks Jesus for changing the category. :wink:

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Looking at the AcoustID website, you are not the first person to send data there for this album. But you are the first person to link up to a MusicBrainz Recording.


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Hurra !!! :wink:

Ahem… (auto-editor hat on): you really don’t need that information to determine a release’s language and script. See here.