A really screwed up release

In going through my vinyls I found a really messed up release. I have this album https://musicbrainz.org/release/89da8149-f6d6-4cd6-9efc-a086c2c944d5

The oldest edit entry was made by the honorable @jmurphy on 8/1/2002. Here are some of the problems. It’s a 12" Vinyl and the current discogs link https://www.discogs.com/release/464292 is correct for my/this album. The MB cover art is wrong. People have added disc id’s and disc toc’s. CD info should not be here. On 9/18/2017 an editor tried to correctly delete the comma in Hello Goodbye. It was rejected https://musicbrainz.org/edit/47844205

IMHO the removal of the comma was correct. See http://www.beatlesebooks.com/hello-goodbye

Even the 7" single did not have the comma. Yes, there are many releases that have the comma. All are from later releases (especially CDs), even Capitol added the comma with post releases. It doesn’t change the fact that it originally did not have the comma. It doesn’t matter that there are a thousand commas in the later different forms of releases. Commas were added after the fact. IMO it doesn’t make it right.

Okay, I just took a deep breath and counted to 10. ( I won’t even cringe as I think of Ringo playing the Membranophone.) Would one of you super eds take a look at the aforementioned entry and see if it can be fixed to reflect this specific entry? I can furnish more info but the discogs link has all the correct specs. I purchased this album new in 1967. It is not a remaster and it has all the matrix markings and the 24 page picture book. I’d give fixing it a try but the complexity to do so is beyond my current skill level. I would hate to have it go from bad to worse. Sincerely LL.


I don’t really understand. https://musicbrainz.org/release/89da8149-f6d6-4cd6-9efc-a086c2c944d5 does not seem that wrong.

Isn’t the cover kind of look like the discogs cover?
then if not you can replace it.

Your comma-less track title is also correct.
Don’t worry that much about the recording title of what matters is your edition.

Also I don’t see any disc id on this release.

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Hi @jesus2099, if you go into edit history, a little past half way down, you will see that several disc ids have been automatically applied. I know it doesn’t show any when you click on disc id but they show up in edit history. Yes, I can change the CA and comma but I need an experienced ed such as yourself to take a minute and look at the complete history. Some of the entries just don’t make sense. If you get a chance take a peek. Let me know if you feel I should just change what I can and I will comply. As far as the cover, the current erroneous front is missing “Includes 24-page full color picture book” in the white space between the main picture and song listings. Thanks

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the reason that some of the cover art is not there is probably due to someone not having the physical copy and got the front cover from a google search or something. or they could only be bothered scanning in the front cover

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I may have been reading too much from the edit history. So even though history shows disc ID’s being applied to this vinyl release, some how/way they end up not really pointing to this release? If that is true I’m learning a little something new. I’ll fix a couple of short comings and “Let it Be”. Thanks.


With membranophone mess you are allowed to fix it. Do you know what kind of drums were being played on this release? I assume it is a standard drums (drum set). It’s a film so should be easier to check :smiley:

This weirdness is all over the place. Surprised to find it still in some Beatles tracks. (And the spell checker in this browser still doesn’t have a clue what it is) It was done to force people to name the correct drums but it left so many older releases with the rarely used name.

I’ve blitzed a number of my favourite bands to correct this, but then I am mad and get used to all the repetitive clicking.

As to the edit history - sometimes it gets messy and misleading due to old merges. Especially a common release like this one.

Click on the discIDs listed and see what they are associated with. Everyone goes to a different release and each of them are CDs and not vinyl.

I get a feeling that some of the ancient history of this place goes back to a time when releases meant something different. And that has led to a release like this with dozens of entries getting some kind of common history that is overlapped from other older releases.


The Hello, Goodbye comma - Look at the main list of the song

Now you will see that the RECORDING is nailed down with the comma correctly in it.

And all the other tracks are therefore showing how it looks like on those separate covers.

So the comma rule makes more sense looked at from this angle.

The artwork - my attitude is to read the comments under any added artwork. If no comment, then you can’t trust the artwork. Ideally I’ll have the scanner out on my own copy at this point and uploading artwork front \ rear \ medium at a minimum. I’ll also raid discogs as an alternate.

Haha - yeah, current artwork needs removing as it is a CD booklet! Clearly wrong :smiley: Either needs a fresh scan or something borrowed from Discogs.

This is the perfect Release to work on increase Skill levels. It is a mess and you can’t do anything to make it worse. Be brave - make the corrections. Just shout if something doesn’t work as expected.

You learn best by fixing mistakes :wink:


Sorry, couldn’t leave it alone. Drums are now fixed.

Just makes me laugh - seeing Membranophone makes me think of the Drummer sitting on a stool playing a Kazoo. :grin:


Thanks for the encouragement! I’ll leave the comma alone. After spending hours reading through dozens of “sources” for Hello Gby all I’ve found are conflicts. Some show the Parlophone label being released first, others show Capitol first. Each within a few days of one another. Funny how editing can make one (me) so compulsive for specificity. :scream: Sometimes it turns me into “The Fool on the Hill”.:grinning: TTFN .