A question about the 'Generate M3U playlist' plugin

I may misunderstand how this plugin is supposed to work:

What I am trying to do is when matching and saving an album release (all it’s songs being in that album’s folder), having the plugin automatically create an .m3u8 playlist file in that folder.

But, the plugin is activated, and nothing seems to happen…
(and there are no setting options)

This plugin ads a context menu entry for albums, so you can right click on an album and select Plugins > Generate Playlist…

There are still two problems with that:

  • You will need to navigate to the album folder again. Which is no fun to do for every album all over again. The plugin doesn’t seem to know where the files are by itself?

  • Even when you do select the album folder to save it, it will not save a relative path playlist.

While the plugin notes state: “Relative pathnames are used where audio files are in the same directory as the playlist”.

Same issue. Needing to navigate to the correct folder for Every. Single. Album. in my collection already makes this plugin entirely useless. Is there an alternative to the plugin?

I was surprised too this wasn’t automatic.

So I did


and have this working when combining my two branches.

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@thomasvs can you explain how to install those additions please.

@thomasvs Same question as the dude above. If you could explain that, would be nice.