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I just attempted to use the script and I got this error message:

TypeError: document.getElementById(…) is null

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What page were you trying it on? And what browser and userscript manager are you using?

I was running Firefox 106.0.1 but since I applied the update to 106.0.2 and restarted the browser, it worked!
I use Violentmonkey to manage userscripts.

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I’m also seeing the same error currently on this release

Firefox 106.0.1 using Tapermonkey

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If you are seeing the “TypeError: document.getElementById(…) is null” error that means you’re still running the old version of the script. Make sure you’re running the latest version, currently 0.17.


I don’t really know a-tisket.
I don’t know why #atisket tag doesn’t work for me (Android 9 Kiwi Browser).
I didn’t find source code and bug tracking.
I don’t need it, but there is a bug apparently, that I wanted to see if it is already known:

Apparently it adds or make editors add relationships to special purpose artists like Various Artists: Edit #70441290 - MusicBrainz

Could you blacklist some artist MBID and never submit any relationship edits to them?

Sorry for double posting, but it seems there are several, at least 2, atiskets?

Am I the only one that gets a Request Timeout on every search made on https://etc.marlonob.info/atisket/?

No, it’s been doing that to me for over a day.



Is this still supported? I couldn’t get it working with iTunes or Spotify…

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I believe this mirror is the replacement version | thread

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