A multi‐source seeder for digital releases

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Yeah, Deezer is weird. Sometimes, it picks up releases as being in the US, but when I go to Deezer and do a search for that release it gives me a different link than a-tisket does. Not sure why.

@atj, when you’ve resolved licensing I’d be happy to host an instance also.

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I will let everyone know if I hear anything from @marlonob about this. Note that I haven’t contacted them directly about it, as I expect they would reply to this thread.

For some reason, the mirror is reporting the following:
Countries excluded (iTunes)
(As of 2021-01-14).
Southern Europe: :albania: Albania (al)
Middle Africa: :sao_tome_principe: Sao Tome and Principe (st)
Southern Asia: :pakistan: Pakistan (pk)
Micronesia: :palau: Palau (pw)

These are Deezer only countries and iTunes never has them there, because they don’t have service there. This should not be showing up. Please remove from iTunes list of countries.


For some reason, a-tiskey is returning an empty tracklist when trying to import this Apple Music-only release: https://music.apple.com/us/album/halloween-ix-dj-mix/1537683913

That happens because it only queries the iTunes API. In order to import an Apple Music exclusive release, access to the Apple Music API is required. See upthread for why this hasn’t been implemented.

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If it’s Apple Music only it always gives an empty tracklist.


There is actually a fully featured Apple Music API , but you need to be a member of the Apple Developer Program to access it, which costs $99 per year :roll_eyes:

I would also be willing to pitch in for that

Hey atj, thanks for taking up the mantle of preserving and furthering this. I was looking at the landscape and thinking about doing something similar, specifically I was mapping out a Ruby based web service for enabling more people to add data much easier, and expediting the process for those already doing so, and had forgotten all about atisket. At least until tigerman referenced it in a Ninja Sex Party MBz edit the other day, thus I’ve come back to this thread after many months.

I’ve never really been successful as a developer, but I enjoy integration, small scale fixes, infrastructure/hosting, etc. If what you’re doing is able to be collaborated on, I’d love to help out however possible. I’ve been through too many iterations of things like this when a Web Service is the obvious answer.

(https://github.com/murdos/musicbrainz-userscripts/commits?author=VxJasonxV, personal Perl scripts I don’t appear to have git-tracked, https://github.com/VxJasonxV/parse-s3rl-shop-releases in just the last few weeks…)

Would love to talk with you about this and see if/where I can help out.


I just noticed an issue with your mirror, @atj: If I override a release date (with anything besides 0) MB will not read the overridden dates correctly upon import. I get a cascade of this error message for each release event:

Invalid events.204.date.year: “2012–08”.

For reference’s sake, here’s the seeded release I was working with: https://atisket.pulsewidth.org.uk/?cached=05099997384052-d_53644432-s_752JJbPoXDQExzqZGDtrv4-i_720592775