A multi‐source seeder for digital releases

I’ve updated the Apple Music script to work with the new site: GitHub - ToadKing/apple-music-barcode-isrc

Since it now fetches the info directly from the Apple Music servers, some notes:

  • You no longer need to refresh the page if you’re navigating the site for the script to work.
  • It uses a hardcoded access token. It’s possible this can change at any time, and if it does the script will need to be updated for it. The quickest way to alert me of this is to make an issue on the GitHub page.
  • I’ve ran into a couple of times during testing where I get locked out of the site for making too many requests. This appears as an infinite loading screen on the site. If that happens you have to wait a couple of minutes before you can access the site again.

For clarification’s sake, this is referring to the “recordLabel” text string in the pages’ source code. Record label pages on Apple Music are still very much a thing.

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I just attempted to use the script and I got this error message:

TypeError: document.getElementById(…) is null

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What page were you trying it on? And what browser and userscript manager are you using?

I was running Firefox 106.0.1 but since I applied the update to 106.0.2 and restarted the browser, it worked!
I use Violentmonkey to manage userscripts.

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I’m also seeing the same error currently on this release

Firefox 106.0.1 using Tapermonkey

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If you are seeing the “TypeError: document.getElementById(…) is null” error that means you’re still running the old version of the script. Make sure you’re running the latest version, currently 0.17.


I don’t really know a-tisket.
I don’t know why #atisket tag doesn’t work for me (Android 9 Kiwi Browser).
I didn’t find source code and bug tracking.
I don’t need it, but there is a bug apparently, that I wanted to see if it is already known:

Apparently it adds or make editors add relationships to special purpose artists like Various Artists: Edit #70441290 - MusicBrainz

Could you blacklist some artist MBID and never submit any relationship edits to them?

Sorry for double posting, but it seems there are several, at least 2, atiskets?

Am I the only one that gets a Request Timeout on every search made on https://etc.marlonob.info/atisket/?

No, it’s been doing that to me for over a day.



Is this still supported? I couldn’t get it working with iTunes or Spotify…

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I believe this mirror is the replacement version | thread


Is there a reason why China keeps getting excluded on some releases? Then when I come back a few days later to check again, it’s Worldwide. There must’ve been a lot of releases I’ve added that didn’t include China but were actually Worldwide.

how can a release be labelled worldwide if it excludes one or more countries?

it can’t by definition

“worldwide “ should be removed

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I think it’s because only Apple Music is available in China and a-tisket uses the iTunes API, not Apple Music API. It is odd that sometimes it shows up as being in China though. Anytime it excludes China I always just try it manually with the CN country code on the Apple Music URL. Many times it shows up as valid.



@IvanDobsky has a good idea over here:

If we can prevent bogus dates from being submitted with the tool, namely those that are obstensively wrong. We can probably work out when Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music were launched and can say that any dates that pre-date that are probably wrong, if not then at least stop people from submitting digital releases from say 1962, 1977 or 1981. :smiley:

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Wikipedia… (Spotify - 2006, Deezer - 2007, iTunes - 2003) but also the launch of these services was slow and didn’t cover every artist in the initial years so there will always be a fuzzy area for dates.

The suggestion is to basically blank dates before this time in the Atisket submission in the auto-filled form. It is then up to the user if they want to type something else.


Closing this topic as @marlonob hasn’t been around for a while and the a-tisket site seems to be pretty hit-or-miss whether it’s up or not.

For a working (or more likely to work) alternative, consider using @atj’s “mirror” as per

This thread may become opened again if @marlonob returns and/or resumes working on their a-tisket instance.