A definitive answer on full-width vs. half-width punctuation?

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This seems to be a running issue but I was just looking for a more definitive answer on full-width vs. half-width punctuation in Japanese releases. This isn’t necessarily about a specific release but more that most of what I contribute to MusicBrainz is Japanese releases and I’m always getting caught by this particular issue - especially with exclamation points. I know it’s best to stick to what’s printed but that’s not always very clear. The internet isn’t a reliable source for it either really because it’s usually a mixture of the two there. I just wondered what the preference is if it’s not clear. Always half-width? Is it better to match to whatever script the title is in? Even if it’s a mixture of scripts?

I have tried to look into this issue as well but the documentation for this doesn’t really clear it up any further in regards to when it’s unclear, so I’m hoping somebody on here will be able to give me a hand.

Thank you!