88rising VS 88rising Music: Which record label should I choose?


I’m trying to add a new single Sundance Freestyle by Rich Brian to MusicBrainz, but I am seeing multiple Label entries for 88rising, the label/management company behind the artist.

Now, the raw data which I am referencing (Apple Music API) has the following information:

"recordLabel": "88rising Music/Warner Records",

and since (as of right now) 88rising has not applied an additional attribute to the release which directly links to their label, I’m stuck between choosing 88rising Music or 88rising for the release event.

Which label(s) should I choose in this case? (and also, should I add Warner Records to the label field too?)

(Additional info: What I meant by "additional attribute to the release which directly links to their label")

88rising only added more record label information to Rich Brian’s full albums:

e.g. The album 1999.
from album "1999"
Raw data:

"recordLabel": "88rising Music/Warner Records",
"record-labels": {
			"1549050092": {
				"id": "1549050092",
				"type": "record-labels",
				"href": "/v1/catalog/us/record-labels/1549050092?l=en-US",
				"attributes": {
					"name": "88rising",
					"url": "https://music.apple.com/us/label/88rising/1549050092"

The 88rising name would be shown as the record label.


Comparing the two labels you are not the only one to be confused as there are clearly cross-overs in both. Looks to me like it should probably just be one label anyway.

I was looking at those barcodes as one is mainly starting with 19 and the other mainly starts with 88.

I would put it with 88rising

But also ask @tigerman325 as they created the 88rising Music label in 2018 and will have a more correct answer.


I put 88rising Music, because as you pasted, that’s the label that is there. The copyright on many of these are actually 88rising Records or 88rising Music, just to complicate this even more. So, I wouldn’t merge the 2, because 88rising Music is used as copyright. You should definitely add Warner Records as a second label. The actual “imprint” is 88↑. So, 88rising, is the imprint. I’ll add an annotation. 88rising Music should probably only be used as a copyright holder when listed that way. Digital releases are difficult at times because some companies just list the company name instead of their imprint. MB wants the imprint as release label.



Thank you for your advice!

I just want to note, however, that Apple Music lists 88rising Music (/Warner Records) as the recordLabel and 88rising Records (/Warner Records Inc.) as the copyright holder.

So there’s even more confusion… I’m just going to put this mess in the ©/℗ relationships instead, while only listing 88rising (no suffix) and Warner Records as the Release Event Record Labels. Seems like the best way to do this.


I know. I saw that also. I’ve also seen where 88rising Music is used as both. Anytime 88rising Music is used as a record label, choose 88rising. And then just add 88rising Music as the copyright holder if that’s what is listed. On their website & Wikipedia they never mention 88rising Music and all their logos (which is the imprint representation) is for 88rising. On the ones I’ve checked on YouTube so far they all say 88⬆.

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Also have now discovered that any release by 88rising that was in association with 12Tone Music is now showing Warner Records. If you have any releases with release dates before July 20, 2021, the imprint should be 12Tone Music, not Warner Records. They have retroactively credited releases by 12Tone Music as Warner Records, much like they did with Warner Bros. Records becoming Warner Records. Of course, if one wants to add new releases with a 2021-07-20 date for Warner Records, they can. But the date shouldn’t be before this.