800+ tracks scrobbled, but blank reports

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Hey there…

I love the idea of MusicBrainz. I always enjoy the idea of gathering analying stats of my personal habits, so you can imagine how much more excited I was to see the reporting capabilities of the platform. But, despite over 800 tracks scrobbled, my reports are stubbornly blank. Are they gathered at intervals which I haven’t hit yet (my account is less than a week old)? Do I need to allow something or turn something on? Any insight would be most welcome.


They are not generating reports every day so you may need to wait a few hours for this to be generated.
See a post in another thread.


Hey! We’re actively working on being able to generate reports everyday! For now, I think you’ll have to wait a few days though :frowning:

Strangely enough, a week has passed and my stats are only partially generated:

All fine now.

I’m still without any data in my reports. And I have been actively listening to music for the whole week and can see my recent listens showing in the Listens tab. So not sure what’s going on here, but seeing in the other thread that it should run on Tuesdays and Fridays, it should have something in the report for the Week? Also appears to be stuck in August which should have data in still. Is there anything I can provide that may provide you with an insight as to what’s going on?

It should be calculated now. Our pipeline is a bit flaky, we’re working on it, sorry for the issues!


I re-created my LB account recently. Anything listened natively to LB is shown on my reports, but my entire imported Last.fm history has no report data (~85k listens)


I share the same problem as @Chilkara, I’ve imported my Last.fm history since the October 5th, and I do see the reports for all the scrobbles I’ve natively scrobbled to LB, but not any for my Last.fm data.

Is there another task that import all the data of the listenbrainz-server into the spark one but launched less frequently ?

I’ve tried to understand at which point the data is inserted into the spark server in the code, but I’ve failed to find it.
I suppose its a task that use one of these query_map functions:


My last.fm has been uploaded into the listenbrainz stack it seems, so it might be either an update, or the crontab task is set to run monthly or bi-monthly. So this is no longer an issue for me :slight_smile:

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