538 hitzone releases naming convention

I’ve added and eddited quite some Hitzone releases over the years.
After I updated the Release name of “538 Hitzone 80”, that I did not create, to include “Radio 538 Hitzone 80” someone down voted the edit because Radio was no longer displayed on the cover, which is correct.

Hitzone actually dropped the Radio part from the cover since 78 going forward. Even before that they have not marketed the radio part although it was visible on the cover.
Just take a look at their own site: https://www.538.nl/hitzone/ and bol.com for instance: https://www.bol.com/nl/s/algemeen/zoekresultaten/sc/media_all/index.html?searchtext=538+hitzone

I would propose that I edit all releases to drop the Radio part.

“Hitzone Killed the Radio (Star)” :disappointed_relieved:

Go for it, drop the Radio part.

On all of the releases?

Like you said, since the change :smirk:

Yes but they have never actually called it “Radio 538 Hitzone” themselves, only their station logo had Radio in there that is why it was on the cover.
They changed the logo and name of the radio station so that is why it is dropped from the cover, they even changed their site from http://radio538.nl to http://538.nl
So I think we should remove Radio from all releases.

Hold on, I should correct myself. I thought you meant to say that they dropped the name since 78 but checking out the covers on many releases since then ‘Radio’ is still there. In this case, I wouldn’t change those. Sorry for the confusion :confounded:

Yes and no :slight_smile:
They have dropped the Radio part in the logo since 78 but that is because they changed their corporate logo to no longer include Radio (not only the CD’s but the station and sites as well).
So after diving into the Hitzone’s more I found out that 538 themselves never actually called their releases “Radio 538 Hitzone xx” but always “538 Hitzone xx” (see the links to their site) so instead of just editing them from 78 to now it would make more sense in my opinion to edit them all.

Anybody else want to pitch in?

I don’t know the history, but for that particular release you linked in your first post, I’d agree the title should not include the “Radio”. For the older ones that still have the old logo, though, I do think it should be left in; we generally treat the cover as taking precidence over catalogue/website text. If you’re saying that the station changed the logo on the covers themselves, though, then that’s more a case for creating a second release in the group rather than updating the old one.

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we generally treat the cover as taking precidence over catalogue/website text.

I am wondering, is there any guideline which mentions the cover art preference over catalogue/website text? @reosarevok ping :smiley: Because for example for capitalization, we are advised to not follow the cover capitalization (unless artist intent) in Style / Titles - MusicBrainz. So my intuition would tell me the same logic could apply in this case and the “Radio” on the cover could have been a designer choice. I could be wrong, though.

I agree with you, but I believe it was not a designer choice but simply the corporate logo of the station.