34 minute 1-piece soundtrack - Single, Album or Other?

I just added this one:

It raised several questions about artist, title and work, but what I’m really unsure about is the primary type.

Bandcamp import would have it a Single, but that’s probably because it’s a single track. I don’t think, the number of tracks is essential for the type. Especially on live improvisation albums, the track length is often only limited by medium capacity. Here it was the length of the film. So I made it an album. Or is it better: “Other”?

(I thought, on a Sunday afternoon I’ll do something simple and add a new release…)

I’d go with album due to the length.


Generally I go with what the artist says. Otherwise, [hypothetically,] if it’s based on a short track, it’s probably a single. Otherwise, go by length.


I’d vote album. Bandcamp sounds like it is just saying “this is a single track”. Just language saying it is one item. Don’t think you’d see it in the Singles chart.


Without information from the artist, same I’d go for it. But it’s noted that in the present the studio version is designated as an EP by Anna Phoebe:


Hm, interesting…
But the EP is from May and the included track Cantium is only 3:50. And the whole Ep is considerably shorter than this track.

I got around 24 min for the EP from my side :thinking: But I didn’t take the time to listen to it vs this live.

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The whole 6-track EP is 26:06. The length of the Cantium Arts track is 34:28.

Themes from the EP (not only Cantium) have been picked up in Cantium Live, but this is probably a separate work. Best relationship I can think of is Cantium Arts is based on Cantium.

Now on MB too :wink:

Thanks for the tip with the EP. I would have completely missed that.

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