2xCD release entered separately needs merging

This 2xCD release was released in Australia

Someone entered it on MusicBrainz as 2 separate single-CD releases

Here are the problems that I am facing:
1-Those releases are affiliated with the master releases of the individual albums, not with a master release for the 2xCD compilation.
2-Those entries have Disc IDs
3-How do I merge the two 1-disc entries into a single 2-disc entry, keep the Disc IDs and create a new master release for the compilation?

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Pretty straight forward, luckily:

  1. Hit ‘merge’ on both releases. Follow the steps to ‘append mediums’ and save.
  2. Edit the release you chose as the ‘target’ in the step above, and click the magnifying glass in the ‘Release Group’ field. Scroll to the bottom and click ‘add a new release group’. Fill out the details and enter edit. Save your edits to the release.

You don’t have to worry about DiscID’s, they will stick with their mediums when the merge happens (as far as I know). I always check back after merges pass/after the voting period in case anything weird has happened (e.g. label double ups or similar).

If any of that doesn’t make sense let me know and I’ll post some gifs :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot! Here’s the link to the merge request. I’d appreciate Yes votes to help speed up the process!


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it could have been done by someone that did not know how to add another medium to the same release things like this happen. thanks for fixing it :slight_smile:


@aerozol – thanks for the clear instructions. I had the same question that hds had and was able to merge them with your instructions.


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