21st Century Schizoid Composers

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When adding a new King Crimson compilation, I noticed another 21st Century Schizoid Man work. It appears to be from this release of sax arrangements of some rock songs. Per Spotify they are not completely new works. However, I am not versed in classical style enough to know whether these should be expunged and linked to the original work, or whether they qualify as a separate work with an arrangement relationship to the same.

Since they list an arranger, I’d edit them with (True Voices Saxophone Quartet arrangement) in the disambiguation and link them to the original work as an arrangement of relationship. I’d remove the composer tags though as they didn’t really compose the works, they just arranged them.

Actually, given that these are probably unpublished arrangements, even in classical the most common choice would be to put the arrangers on the recordings and link to the original works :slight_smile: (if they have actually published the arranged scores for others to play, then that would deserve a work though!)


@chiark with the instrumental and cover relationship attributes, I guess.

Actually, you can also merge the duplicate work.

Good to know. So, if a release just says arranged by without giving any credit to the original composers (common on many 60s folk & blues covers), only create a new work if you can find separate publishing information?

For non-classical music I’d expect we wouldn’t generally create separate works at all. I guess that might be a bit different for folk where the original piece is traditional? I’m not a folk editor though :slight_smile:

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