1-loop recording vs 2-loop recording, both with fade outs

In video games, it’s common to have songs that can loop infinitely. When released as a soundtrack, the song is often edited in one of two ways:

A) 1 loop with a fade out
B) 2 loops with a fade out

In the case that both versions exist, should the recording be merged in MusicBrainz? This case is not mentioned on https://musicbrainz.org/doc/Style/Recording but I feel like it has been discussed before.


To me it’s different recordings because I prefer finding the 2 loops version, if both exist.
If the tue is not played twice, you lack the nice effect/transition you usually get when it’s looping and then you can’t hear the tune a second time.

I think Style / Recording - MusicBrainz can be interpreted so that (A) and (B) should share the same recording.

Using recordings

In many cases, a released track will feature the original recording produced from a performance. However, there are some important cases to consider where this is not true - these are discussed in the following section.


An existing recording can itself be edited to produce a new recording. For example, a “radio edit” or “single edit” may be produced by removing an intro or outro, verses, bridges or interludes to shorten the existing recording, and/or by censoring some of the content. Other examples include an edit using only a section of a recording or an “extended edit” which repeats parts of an existing recording to increase the duration.

Where a fade is added to the first or last section of an existing recording, this is not an edit, as the section is not removed.

@Freso Can you clarify?

Not really. Also not sure why you’re asking me. :slight_smile: @reosarevok would probably be a better candidate to ask, given that he’s the Style Leader.

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That suggests to me that “same but twice” is a new recording :slight_smile: