1 artist with a US release and foreign releases

Artist: Brenton Wood
US release: Oogum Boogum
Foreign: Gimme Little Sign, Oogum Boogum, and varients

Right now there are 2 release groups. There is a title in Ooogum Boogum that fits in either or with the exception of the release title. The issue with the foreign releases There are additional songs added or replacing songs via different country releases. (another database has 30+ entries mixed for the one release group title)

May I suggest taking care of this to merge the two release groups together
and add a note in the release group to reduce this from happening another time?

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The US RG also contains another Foreign edition.

First RG you call US has 2 US editions and 1 UK edition.
Second RG you call Foreign has 2 JP editions.
I guess you are from this foreign country called USA. :laughing:

If they are the same recordings on US, UK and JP stereo editions, then recordings could be merged and release groups too.
But I cannot tell for sure because I don’t know this music.

I have split the mono recordings for the mono release.


Thanks for understanding what I meant. I ramble and cannot get to the point or find the understandable wording I need. This is something I don’t have the ability to fix.

Thanks for your help and understanding @jesus2099

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