YuNi - clear & CoLoR

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YuNi is a Japanese “virtual YouTuber” and singer (character) who released clear, CoLoR, and clear / CoLoR all on the same day. clear / CoLoR is considered by the label to be her first album, but it’s actually two different releases packaged as one album. clear contains 6 original songs and CoLoR contains 6 cover songs. Each release is a little less than 25 minutes long. clear and CoLoR as individual releases are digital-only while clear / CoLoR is only a 2×CD release (with a limited 2×CD + DVD edition).

Currently, clear, CoLoR, and clear / CoLoR are each their own release groups, all filed under Album + Compilation. In my opinion, only clear / CoLoR should be a compilation, and clear and CoLoR should be either EPs or albums. I’ve attempted to change this several times in the past but there’s a user subscribed to YuNi who always votes against the edits.

I’d like some input about this. Should all 3 of these stay under Album + Compilation, or do you agree with me that clear / CoLoR should be the only compilation, with the individual clear and CoLoR releases changed to just album (or EP)? To me, clear and CoLoR appear to be mini albums (Is a mini-album an EP or album?). Perhaps they should all be under one release group? Let me know what you think.

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Regardless of how these releases end up being grouped none of these release groups would appear to fit the definition of a “compilation” release as used on MusicBrainz, since these presumably feature all-new recordings.


As they were all released the same day, none of them are compilations, indeed.

clear / CoLoR does include clear and CoLor, as already properly linked by includes relationships.

They don’t share their release groups as clear and CoLoR are available for standalone purchases, aren’t they?

I found the No voted release group edits.
It looks like the No voter describes what you explained in your original post but confused your edits with Adding the Compilation secondary type.

I queued the three edits:

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I am not sure, as I understand it @Jeluang argues exactly that the recordings on “clear” have been previously released, and as such it would be a compilation (see edit#61173992). But I don’t see any evidence for this, for me all of the three releases are clearly not compilations.


Yes, let’s hear more from @Jeluang, I didn’t see an earlier release with these recordings.
Of course there are singles, but that’s the concept of Singles and Albums to have common recordings.

I cancelled my EP edits as I followed all links and didn’t find mention of mini-album.


Yes, whether to label them Album or EP is definitely controversial, the discussions on this and on compilation should be separated. But the compilation case looks very clear to me :smiley: