YouTube video with a free download link, how to document the mp3?

so, I’ve had this idea bouncing around my head for some time now…

if a YouTube video has a free download link in the description, should those tracks be included in the MusicBrainz release for the YouTube video?

as an example, this video from The Living Tombstone has links to both the regular and instrumental version in the description. that would theoretically mean there’s 3 “tracks” to this release: the video, the audio, and the instrumental. whether those are on one, two, or three medium(s), I still haven’t decided for myself… maybe 3 since the MP3s are in two seperate links?

the relevant release group also has two releases, both with the 2 audio tracks

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I would consider each download its own release :thinking:


on the one hand, yes, probably.

…but on the other hand, I see it as roughly equivalent to a video release with a download code. the MediaFire/Dropbox/Mega/ect. link is (probably) only officially available from the video description, so I can see reason to have it all as one release. :thinking:

I’m not sure if the link being in video description vs in a tweet or a Facebook post is a significant difference tbh.

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well, as said, I don’t think the links were officially available anywhere except the description of the YouTube video (or SoundCloud description). if it were though, I’d probably say that it would be a seperate release of the same track.

also, I’ve found a release in the wild that I think closely matches what I’m thinking of doing

this one’s just a still image video, but it’s got download links for an instrumental and acapella version of the song.