YouTube tracks don't start playing automatically

When listening to a generated playlist, when the ListenBrainz player hits a track it’s sourcing from YouTube, playback stops, rather than starting the track. Spotify tracks begin playing after the prior track has finished.

Is there a setting somewhere, maybe in YouTube, that I can change to overcome this? I’d like to play through the whole playlist without having to navigate to the ListenBrainz page to start a track just because it happens to be on YouTube.

Alternatively, I’d like an option to exclude YouTube tracks entirely.

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This is as YouTube requires it of us. We hate it and it sucks, but it is what we have for a fallback. If we enable auto-play, YouTube will block us entirely. :frowning:

I see.

In that case I’d like the option to remove YouTube results from a generated list. If I have to flip to the player and hit start all the time, I’m just going to stop using ListenBrainz.

Not meant as criticism - I understand this is an external constraint. Just relating my experience in case that’s helpful context.

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We totally understand and no offense taken. We’re not very happy with the state of the BrainzPlayer right now, so @mr_monkey and I plan to take the very first steps toward improving the BrainzPlayer this friday.

Sadly this will be a fairly lengthy process to get this reworked, so it will probably take weeks/months (autumn is a busy time for us). Once we see the results from this, we’ll see what changes (including options to turn off YT) we’ll integrate.

For now we recommend sending playlists to Spotify for the best listening experience. Apple music is hopefully coming in a few weeks too…


Ah, the export option is a great workaround, and completely satisfactory for my use case, thanks!

Good luck with the rewrite. I’m a software engineer myself with about 30 years of experience, so you have my deepest sympathy. :slight_smile:


@candera thanks for the feedback, and as previously stated, we agree with you :slight_smile:

As for rewrites, I gotta say over time I’ve grown to really enjoy the satisfaction of a good refactoring :smiley:

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