Your Stats - Top Albums/Artists Per Minute

It would be nice to have an option to see Top Artists/Albums of this year as per minute listened, in addition to per scrobble. Would be nice for balancing out my statistics page for artists who have longer songs


We’ve had this suggestion a few times. Especially lately, now that time listened is the key metric for Spotify Wrapped this year.

I think it’s a good suggestion. It would be a great option for the regular stats page as well (Ticket: LB-638).

For YIM 2023 the planning is done, and we’re unlikely to add new features at this stage. The plan is to make minor tweaks every year, adding only one or two new features, so the team doesn’t spend months on this one-off occasion.

I have made a ticket for 2024, and added your suggestion there:

Further comments and feedback welcome any time, here or on the ticket :slight_smile: