YIM: Percentage new artists discovered

I’m just curious: one of my statistics is “98% new artists discovered”. That’s a lot! But 98% of what?

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You listened to 98% of all new artists? :exploding_head:

it feels like that stat might be a bit off to me too, and @elomatreb mentioned the same in the Discord when they saw their stat is 100% new artists:


how did you discover all the new artists? leave some discovery for the rest of us :sob:

(mine feels a bit high too, at 94%)


Its the % of artists which you listened for the first time this year out of the total number of artists that you listened this year. But I think I found a bug in the calculation.

Fixed now, the %ages should have decreased and become more accurate now.


Noice! Down from 90% to 57%. That is still quite a lot, but I suppose LB is still learning all the artists in my collection since I joined halfway ´22.