YIM 2024 challenge: colouring my map

I’m pretty happy with the geographical spread of the music I listened to last year:

But there is always room for improvement …

So this year I’ll try to listen to at least one artist from every country on the map. North Korea is probably going to be a challenge though …

What are your music goals for this year?


Check out 보천보전자악단 - MusicBrainz.

They even covered Modern Talking’s Brother Louie!


Well, I’ve made these two playlists for just this purpose:

Three trips across Africa with ListenBrainz (North → South)
Playlist - ListenBrainz

Three trips across Africa with ListenBrainz (West → East)
Playlist - ListenBrainz

These tracks are randomly picked from the available tracks for a given country. I think it could be fun to make a curated playlist with much more care that exposes the listeners to choice tracks from each country.

I never got a lot of uptake on this, so I never generated playlists for other continents. Asia and South America would likely be very interesting too.


Very cool!

Just to make sure, @mr_monkey is that globe map colored using the top X artists that a user listens to, or all of them?

I believe that global stats map is limited in that way, but I’m not sure about the YIM version.

I don’t know for certain as I didn’t work on generating this data, and will call @lucifer to the bar for testimony :stuck_out_tongue:

That being said, I did a quick check on mine and a couple of other user’s YIM page and found all had no clear limit of number of artists.
The total didn’t quite match the number of artists listened to, but the discrepancy suggests we don’t have geographical data for the remainder (either they are not in MB or they don’t have an area set).

However we only show the top 10 artists for each country in the tooltip, which could be improved.

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They seem to be limited to me. YIM map seems to match my last year map and if you look at mine and look at South Korea for different time ranges, you will notice there is more for month & year than all time. As in the past I listened to a lot of other regions, so they beat out a lot of South Korean artists for my top in all time. I’d say it’s limited to 1000 or less from a quick look at my top countries on each time range.

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I know other areas are limited to 1,000, like it’ll only show your top 1,000 artists (25×40), even though it says you’ve got say, 4,313 all time listened artists