Yet another search question - generic fuzzy search

I’m trying to improve my Python skills and and decided that a nice little project would be to scrape/follow the various music communities on Lemmy and append the mentioned songs, or albums, to a ListenBrainz playlist.

The Lemmy part is quite straight forward and the ListenBrainz playlist manipulation API is well defined and relatively straight forward as well.

It looks like the difficult part will be taking the, potentially random, text from the title of a Lemmy post and mapping that to a MusicBrainz recording. Looking through the Lemmy posts, it seems that most that are simply sharing a song (and not sharing some music industry news etc.) have a title in the format "artist - recording’, so I’m thinking I’ll just assume that is the “standard” and accept that I’ll miss a few.

I’m just wondering if anyone has any better solution?


Maybe the lookup endpoint of the ListenBrainz API is interesting for you:


Indeed it is - thanks.