Year in the title

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On this release is the year in the title of the songs, like this:

Wrong Side of the World (1967).

Is this correct? If not should I remove the year and in which field should I add the year?

Sorry for my horrible English and I hope you understand what I mean

Thanks and have a nice Sunday :slight_smile:

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I looked at the artwork for the release. There are no years in the titles on the artwork, so there should be none on Musicbrainz.

To remove them you will need to edit the tracklist.

The correct place for them is in the relationship. click on edit relationships and then for each recording, click on ‘recording of’.You can add just the year for the start and end. If the month or date is known, please also add that


Thank you DPR

I will try :slight_smile:

that looks to be the phonographic copyright that appears below each track, not necessarily the recording date. you can still add it by adding a relationship to the [unknown] label and set the year.

the recording date could possibly be the same, but that’s not guaranteed

edit: actually, I just found the Discogs release has scans we don’t have, and they give the recording dates and locations for each recording


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just you you’re aware, I went ahead and put in the edits discussed here, as well as adding recording locations and dates. I didn’t add all instrument credits, as I was beta testing the new relationship editor, and there’s a lot of those… lol

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Ty UltimateRiff

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