Year in Music 2023!

2023 green plant

ListenBrainz is excited to announce the release of your #yearinmusic reports for 2023! Log in to your ListenBrainz and click here to see your report . Don’t have an LB account? See what you’re missing.

More details in the the blog post. This post is for any and all YIM related discussion :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Critical feedback can be discussed here, but please also add it to the ticket for YIM 2024.


As always my list gets dominated by a long ambient/background album that I left on loop while working for a day or two! It’s not bad though, by any means. It will probably get a few more plays in 2024 as well.

Submachine Complete soundtrack: Submachine Complete — ListenBrainz

The G-ANX album is a hardcore punk banger though, a new find in 2023. I was listening on repeat as reference for my band.

Flashbacks: Flashbacks — ListenBrainz

My genres are about as accurate as everyone else’s :stuck_out_tongue:


I believe my genres to be quite accurate for what is tagged. I just need to go tag more artists! I especially love the timeline for favourite songs. Can easily see what years I need to explore a bit more thoroughly :smiley:

Thank you to all you devs who worked so hard on this and all of ListenBrainz and the rest of MetaBrainz!