Wrong Cover Art Importing to Jaikoz

I update my music with Jaikoz first and then Picard. Something odd is happening on one album I’m trying to attach musicbrainz info…everything else looks good except the wrong cover art pic. Here is the album:
Release “Hello, I Love You” by The Doors - Details - MusicBrainz

Is their a way to check what cover art is attached to this album…maybe something isn’t showing and needs to be deleted? IDK…just very odd

The cover art attached to this specific release can be found under the cover art tab:

However there is another release in the release group which has different cover art:

There is the concept of release group cover art where the front cover of one release is selected to represent the release group in general. This can also be used as a fallback if there is no release specific cover art.

So I suspect Jaikoz is either not seeing your recent upload yet or is ignoring it for other reasons.

For example, Picard allows setting the priority of cover art providers and whether to ignore pending edits. Maybe there is something similar in Jaikoz?


It’s just a little odd because when I’m updating other releases with a higher resolution pic or add a pic when one didn’t exist I’ve never had this problem. Maybe the RG pic is being pulled from some reason…just never has happened for me before. Thanks…I did not know the RG pic could pull.

Could well be Jaikoz is by default not using the RG cover, but uses it as a fallback. And maybe it doesn’t show pending cover art. But that’s all speculation as I don’t know much of Jaikoz.

Tagging @ijabz , he does know :slight_smile:

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I will upload 14000 of my MP3s to Jaikoz.

I’ll compare the results with Picard.

SongKong is OK too.


That’s what they promise. :wink:

Picard has more and more market competitors.

But that’s probably good…