Wrong cover art, can't change

This is gonna be hard to explain, so bare with me. So I have a few songs that I ripped from Youtube. They don’t have albums on MusicBrainz. So I added those files then edited them with Picard, adding Cover Art. Now when I played them back to check the art with Windows 10 Groove music. Quite a few of those have the wrong art on them, all from one song, like if I had edited them in a batch. Furthermore, transfering these songs to my music player on my phone, also shows the wrong cover art, but it’s Wallpaper artwork I had that I NEVER set to any song, but now have a bunch of songs that have it. Only when I open the song with Picard does it show me the proper Cover art. halp.

Are your music files on the computer all kept in the same folder (without subfolders)? If so, there’s probably an image in the folder that is being applied to all of them. (That’s something WMP would do). Harder to be sure about the phone, but it’s probably similar.

How is Picard configured to save the images? Embedded?


So no image in that folder, but yes, they are all in the same folder.They imbed in what I assume is the ID3 tag. So, I tried to figure out how to reproduce that issue, I did it once, Picard seems to have added Cover art to all the files that didn’t have cover art beforehand. Picard Labels those files as unclustered, so why would it add the art to all the files, and Picard doesn’t show that it did, the repeating art only appears on the players, but picard shows the files as still missing Cover Art.

To me this sounds like the player might show the cover art from a file in the folder. A lot of players will use cover art from the folder if it has a specific name, e.g. cover.jpg, AlbumArt.jpg or especially on Windows folder.jpg. On Windows also enable displaying hidden and system files in the Explorer if you look for those files, especially folder.jpg is often marked as hidden.

I don’t know about what Groove music does exactly, but some players also don’t use cover art from the tag if it exceeds a certain size. This could explain why it only happens for some files even if Picard shows the cover art for those.