"written by/wrote" relationships on Editions and Edition Groups (e.g. Tolkien)

I take these are remnants from earlier days of BB, are there any plans to fix them globally via some scripts/DB tools, or should we edit them manually on spotting?
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Please do correct them if you see them!

There might be some cases we can semi-automatically fix, but not all of these relationships will have an accompanying Work we can automatically infer from relationships (Edition Group has an Edition which contains a Work).

For reference, here’s the associated ticket: https://tickets.metabrainz.org/browse/BB-357

What’s really missing are report pages where all types of wrong or missing information can be brought to light for users to fix.


Tolkien is cleaned up now.


I was reading this topic and clicked on J. R. R. Tolkien and then looked at The Lord of the Rings Work which has 5 Editions. Clicking on each of these Editions returns a 404 message: https://bookbrainz.org/work/4c2b172f-7b23-4bda-9ce5-04bce3f4a7d4
And another one: https://bookbrainz.org/edition/20c66af8-00b4-4e3e-b83d-eac4134f4e8b More on this Work: https://bookbrainz.org/work/dcb26d8b-c3a4-42dd-add9-64c7fee23c60

Are they deleted Editions?

As The Lord of the Rings was originally published as three separate volumes: The Fellowship of the Ring (19 July 1954), The Two Towers (11 November 1954), and The Return of the King (20 October 1955) should The Lord of the Rings be treated as a collection with an Edition Group and no Work?

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@mr_monkey It isn’t exactly on topic but another error message, this time a 505/500 when I try to edit this Edition: https://bookbrainz.org/edition/bd01dadc-2722-4c3c-bfa9-c576003d8a24

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Thanks for those error reports @Goldilox !

Weirdly enough, those 5 editions that appear on “The Lord of the Rings” work seem to be 5 times the same, on top of the ID being that of this same work. No wonder it can’t find an edition with that ID.
I’ll clean that up as needed.

And there’s definitely a bug with the unnamed edition, which I’ll investigate.

The Lord of the Rings work has been fixed.
The weird editions were malformed relationships with the parts of the work (the relationship wrongly used was “Edition contains Work”).
I replaced them with the appropriate relationships: https://bookbrainz.org/work/4c2b172f-7b23-4bda-9ce5-04bce3f4a7d4
Now this LOTR work should eventually be replaced with a Series entity (once we’ve implemented those), but for no I think it will do.

And here’s for the other bug: https://tickets.metabrainz.org/browse/BB-548

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And another 404 bug


I also encountered this one:

I removed the relationship “Perfect Lives commissioned by Dalkey Archive Press” from the Work: https://bookbrainz.org/work/2114e147-0d8b-49dc-8330-3469d83d3dc0

However, the relationship remains with the Publisher: https://bookbrainz.org/publisher/7855e1ee-9407-4b01-b849-0848b93660a5 and I can’t delete it. It wasn’t commissioned by Dalkey Archive Press.

Thanks for the error reports!

Where did you find the link to that first 404, so I can fix the issue?
It’s an Edition Group rather than an Edition, and must have been erroneously added as an Edition relationship back when BookBrainz allowed users to enter any entity.

As for the relationship remaining on one side, that’s related to this issue which I’m about to deploy a fix for: https://tickets.metabrainz.org/browse/BB-545
Once it’s deployed we’ll be able to remove that remaining relationship.

Lucky there is a time stamp. I had to remember what I edited 8 hours ago. It was this Work: https://bookbrainz.org/work/cbc6decd-2e2a-4c5c-b685-fb907445503a

I will remember to add that information in future!

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OK, That was indeed a malformed relationship (should have been an Edition instead of an Edition Group).
I’ve removed that relationship.

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@mr_monkey I notice you edited this user manual: https://bookbrainz.org/Work/86194cf7-71f5-40c3-b95b-68968c4f005b

A found a copy on the Internet and it wasn’t published by Dell Publishing: https://www.manualslib.com/manual/227962/Dell-Poweredge-4300.html

The publisher name is not stated, but it was produced by Dell Computer Corporation. Unfortunately, I can’t remove that relationship.

There are two books that were deleted and are showing as “Unnamed” on the author’s page: https://bookbrainz.org/author/bd869011-a588-4eed-9ce1-df5d1d8d70a7

Is it possible to get rid of them?

It was on the Publisher field of the edition, I’ve cleared it :wink:

Edit: never mind, the work still has it

f̶f̶ ff (Work) – BookBrainz
F̶r̶o̶s̶t̶b̶i̶t̶e̶ Frostbite (Work) – BookBrainz

Perhaps the latter should be merged into Frostbite Frostbite (Work) – BookBrainz ?

And now you know how Lady Macbeth felt when she couldn’t wash the blood from her hands. Thanks for trying.

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I just deployed yesterday a new version of the website, which fixes those issues with relationships not letting themselves be deleted, amongst others.

Let me know if you run into any more trouble, and thanks again for reporting the bugs!


Bravo, it works perfectly. Well done @mr_monkey :clap:

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Glad that ugly bug is fixed, and slightly ashamed I didn’t notice it !

I found this strange bug which is not earth-shattering.

I edited the Edition Kkrishnaa’s Konfessions: Kkrishnaa's Konfessions (Edition) – BookBrainz and to submit the edit I had to fix the OpenLibrary link which was showing as invalid.

Screen Shot 2020-10-11 at 11.46.32 am

I located the work on OpenLibrary: Kkrishnaa's konfessions (2008 edition) | Open Library and the ID is OL12050273W, but I couldn’t enter it to the BB ID as it seems to have too many characters.