Would like to add a new series - should I?

I need a new series of the Work->catalogue type by a Composer.

For Beethoven I would like to name it “Beethoven Composition Style”.

The idea behind this series is to list Beethoven (and others) compositions by style into a nested structure.

The source of the data would be https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_compositions_by_Ludwig_van_Beethoven#List_of_works_by_genre
nested Genre Style (I like to call it Composition Style not to confuse with genre as in Baroque).

The lowest branch would have parts that are actual catolgue entries for compositions.

I maintains something similar in sqlite tree like table and is working fine, but, cold use some help and perhaps other editors would join me. I’m using Composition Style to create subfolders for my albums by main composition in an album - sample styles

I realise this Series is very specific but I can’t help to wonder if other Classical Collectors would find it useful to organise their collection.

So, should I ?