Would like tags for these Associated Fingerprints and Acoustic ID

I don’t believe I asked the last question correct

For example

On the album “Stay Close to Home” by Dorothy Moore

The Song “Do Ya”

I would like these below to write a separate tag on Picard.

Right now these are not tagging.
There’s no information in extended tags for Associated fingerprints and fingerprints from acoustic ID

I hope this is clearer than before…

Thanks!strong text

Associated fingerprints
[94610bda-4ad2-42cc-9188-65d0676d2e9b](Track "94610bda-4ad2-42cc-9188-65d0676d2e9b" | AcoustID)


From Acoustic ID
|[88743747](Fingerprint #88743747 | AcoustID)|

So “Scan” does not give you any results, even though the AcoustID exists and is linked to a recording, right?

Expected result would be one of the releases in Recording “Do Ya?” by Dorothy Moore - MusicBrainz .

If this fails it usually means the existing metadata in your files is so different from the metadata of the recording on MB that Picard considers this a match too bad to apply. Try lowering the threshold for “Minimal similarity for matching files to tracks” in Options > Advanced > Matching. Default is 40%, but you might try to set this to 0% and see if Scan then gives you a result for this file.

If not, open Help > View Error/Debug Log, set the logging to “Debug” in the verbosity dropdown and try the scan again. If you share the output in the log here we should be able to see what is going on.