Work's composition year


Using a direct SQL query of the musicbrainz DB, how might one discover the year a given work was composed? I’ve been unsuccessful despite trying a variety of table joins. Using Piston’s “Capriccio for Harp and String Orchestra” as a test case, the MB web service (URL below) shows that this work was composed in 1963, but I’ve been unable to determine the source of that particular piece of data.


It’s stored as the date on the relationship between the composer and the work (so, the “link” table, which you need to reach via “l_artist_work”)


Excellent, thanks very much!


so, in a sort of crossover to picard scripting and such. how would one go about fetching the work’s “l_artist_work”'s date and apply it down the recording->track->file.tld line to ultimately tag a file with “original composed in year” in the “date” tag field?

is this even possible?


Not with the builtin fields, but I’d imagine that would be a on the simpler end of plugin writing. Sounds a bit like that one for the first date on a recording if you want some code to jump off from, but it doesn’t look like anyone has done anything with that plugin since the last time I checked, when it was breaking on standalone recordings, so don’t copy it blindly.


Should be quite simple to include in my Classical Extras plugin - I’ll look into it.


Of course, nothing’s ever really simple! Where a work is part of another work, both can have dates composed which may not be the same (but hopefully not conflicting). For example, one could be just a year, whereas another could be more specific, or a range. So the question is what date to show?


And don’t forget recordings with multiple works, either! :wink: