Working with multiple repositories and move files

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Hi, I have a sort of niche issue that I’ve noticed because I rip both a lot of music albums and a lot of audiobooks. Currently I have two separate folders, one for books, and one for music. Consequently, my ripping process is kind of a mess, especially for audiobooks. I generally rip all the discs separately and then either apply the MB data or contribute the release myself and then apply the new data to my tracks. It would be nice to let Picard reorganize these files for me because I’m left with several folders with dummy names, but if I let it move the files for me, by default it goes to my music folder. But if I define the Audiobooks folder as the destination for moved files, then my music will get moved to the wrong place if I look it up for data or to apply the art.

I’m curious if anybody else has this problem, and has found a workaround. I guess I can just move the audiobooks back to the audiobook folder, or start ripping to some sort of staging area… anybody have thoughts?

If both are under a common master directory, you can take care of it in your file naming script by checking if the %releasetype% tag contains audio drama, audiobook or possibly spokenword and then setting the start of the new path to either your music directory or your audio books directory as appropriate. I do something similar in my file naming script to separate out soundtracks to a different directory. My naming script is available in a GitHub repository so you can see how I do it. See lines 243 through 284.

Note that if you do it this way you will need to set your file naming destination directory to the master directory common to both your music and audio books directories.

EDIT: Changed test strings to lower case because I believe that’s how they are stored in the %releasetype% tag and the %_primaryreleasetype% and %_secondaryreleasetype% variables.


Hey thank you! This sounds like it could be just what I needed. I’ll take a look at what you have and see if I can implement something similar.

Another option if the differences are too big could be to use different configurations. If cou start Picard with a -c path-ro-config-file you can launch Picard with a different configuration. On Windows you could e.g. create two separate shortcuts to launch Picard with different configurations.