Workflow with MeB Community
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I’m still new to the MeB community–I trust many of you know what has worked and not worked in the past. Continuing this thought, I’d really like the community of MetaBrainz to guide my processes, contribute and help me as I continue to get my feet wet in the MeB world.

In making this position as transparent as possible, please let me know thoughts on how you’d prefer to review/contribute/edit the catalyst workflow. In what way can I be most valuable to the MeB community?

This began with LB-136 and verbiage edits being on my tasks list, and considering a workflow process that is valuable for us. Currently I have begun ‘Verbiage’ folders for the edits–we all can access (yes, a lot of folders are empty–it’s still early in process…) I am currently working on ORG-8.

Here is a proposal for the workflow of verbiage edits, that could perhaps be a general workflow for all my tasks. Improvements? Thoughts?


What exactly do you mean with “verbiage”? I know what the word means, but the way you use it makes it sound like you mean a little bit more than that.

Are you mainly working on the representation of MetaBrainz projects to potential supporters (that is, landing and about pages) or will you work on texts elsewhere as well?


Apologies, if my usage was not clear–we began using the term ‘verbiage’ for work on the writing representation of the MetaBrainz Foundation website, and project websites for potential supporters.

At this point it is simply those texts (landing, about, and the like).
I am not sure about future ‘verbiage’ tasks…do you think there are other texts that need some help?


I think most texts could use some work, but you seem to have enough on your plate already, so it would be best to focus on landing and about pages first. Sentences like “MusicBrainz is operated by the MetaBrainz Foundation, a California based 501©(3) tax-exempt non-profit corporation dedicated to keeping MusicBrainz free and open source.” really need some pruning. :slight_smile:


Yes, I agree and am trying to prune! :slight_smile:
If you have a minute–it would be great if you could list other texts that you think need a bit of TLC. While I have my current priorities, we could start a list and continuing the editing process in the future!


The flowchart police approves. :thumbsup:

Your workflow sounds great for verbiage edits and should work for most other MeB stuff as well seeing as it mostly mirrors our dev workflows.

One difference though is that for code changes we’d push our changes to a seperate git branch and open a pull request to get reviews. For something like verbiage however I prefer your idea of using Google Docs, which makes sense when you’re going to make a lot of mostly smaller changes.


I agree that google docs (or similar) is a good first phase for collaborative editing and brainstorming.

Once that phase is done, I’m a little concerned that the review process will be spread out between IRC and GitHub. Maybe that’s unavoidable.


I would tend to agree @CallerNo6, I think we see how it goes, if any major problems we will need to rework and find a better way…