Workflow for individual track/medium artwork

hello, I’ve recently started organizing my messy music folder, using musicbrainz picard + musicbee

mbp can handle artwork well 90% of the time, but ive noticed a couple cases that require manual intervention:

individual track artwork
some releases have individual track artwork. sometimes, but not always, this is accompanied by a front cover:

currently to handle this, I just manually add the track artwork to each track in mbp. then if it exists, I save the front cover as a Cover.jpg, and use this setting in musicbee to make everything show as expected:

no cover, just medium artwork
some releases don’t have a front cover, for example 12" singles with a generic sleeve:

in this case, similarly, I just manually add the respective medium artwork to each track in mbp, for these results:

this works, but is not optimal. one issue is that when loading up files into mbp later on (to check for updates or make edits etc), you need to make sure to select “Keep original cover art” to keep your manual changes in place

is there some way to configure mbp settings + CAA types/comments to handle cases like this?

Maybe someone else knows a good work-around, but I think you might be boned (out of luck), for now.

Check out this, and its linked tickets, for tickets re. supporting artwork on a per-track or per-medium basis: [CAA-31] With multiple-disc releases, it should be possible to associate artwork with specific discs. - MetaBrainz JIRA

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Similar problems with box sets, and even multi-CD releases. Too many variations to totally automate file naming artwork.

When I have done a manual art rename, I will set the Read Only flag in the OS file system on the art and music files in that folder. It acts as a reminder to me that I manually changed something. If I return to the folder and try and retag I now get Picard throw lots of red icons which lets me go check the folder.


thanks that’s an interesting idea

I’ve used separate sub folders for each track for albums that are compilations of singles by lots of different artists. That way you can have a cover.jpg or folder.jpg in each (sub)folder.